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Wedding design & planner fees can often be expensive and out of reach of many peoples budget. But my service allows anyone to take advantage of my professional services by giving you full control over how much you spend. Starting from only £140!


Design & Planning for any budget

How Does It  Work?

Start with my Coffee & Advice (£140) service. This will allow you to meet with me in a relaxed and comfortable environment. I'll explain our services in

full and answer any questions you may have regarding your planning so far.

After your initial Coffee & Advice meeting you can choose to continue or stop your planning process. It's that simple!

Should you wish to continue I will ask for your planning deposit, based on your chosen budget allocation.

(This is calculated with you at the initial meeting and based on a £40 hourly rate.)

Your chosen budget is then broken down into an hourly planning schedule.

(Giving you a clear understanding of how much professional planning time you have.)

It is then your choice when and how you use those hours. Keeping you in control at all times.


- from £140 -


Office Hours:

Monday - Friday: 9:00 - 17:00


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